Saturday, August 15, 2009


The Museum of True History has a number of collections which have been moved to offsite storage facilities. In an ideal world these collections would be available for viewing on request but due to issues of access, management have restricted this to persons of importance. 

The collections currently being housed offsite are colonial landscapes from the turn of the Nineteenth Century. These artefacts reference some of the scenic wonders no longer in existence due to various natural and man-made disturbances. 

Removals 2009 (Courtesy of the Artist)

Recent acquisitions housed at offsite include a series of stylised European landscapes which were donated by the Green Mountain Trust. These landscapes reference some of the ideas explored during the New Romantics phase as a response to the Enlightenment and have as a central concept an ominous prediction about role science has played in the dissolution of nature. Little writing exists in regards to the artists intentions regarding these works so our staff have begun to do  extensive research and will add more information as time permits.  

Untitled 3, 2009 (Courtesy of the Artist)

Untitled 2, 2009 (Courtesy of the Artist)

Untitled 1, 2009 (Courtesy of the Artist)

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