Saturday, August 15, 2009

Founders Room

The Founders Room houses a collection of works which pay homage while simultaneously acting as a critique of the early colonial documentation of New Zealand as it was at the turn of the Nineteenth Century. Members of the Founders Room include C F Goldie, C Heaphy, C Blomfield, Mrs Hobson, P van der Velden, A Sharpe, G von Tempsky and H R Robley. These and many other early record keepers of this particular period of New Zealand's past have been inducted into the Museum of True History's Founders Room - Roll of Honor. This may be seen to be a prestigious appointment, but as with many of these positions it holds a sense of responsibility that a number of our Founders have unfortunately not been able to uphold. 

She had always liked Barbara Streisand 2008 (Courtesy of Private Collection) 

Remains of the Day 2008 (Courtesy of Private Collection)


  1. luckily māori have forged the struggle to uphold their fathers and founders, the room you speak of in fact reduced to rubble - the pillars or walls have tumbled. There is only 'space' where battles are fought and gained as living traditions are negotiated ... is there life with meaning for the museum?

  2. classic stuff - important work - bottler!

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